About Us

" The Back & Neck Clinic " is a unique multidisciplinary clinic dedicated to
the non-surgical treatment of the acutely and chronically injured
patient.It uses the most advanced techniques available to increase patient's
physical capacity and to help them return to daily activities, work and sports.

Clinic Profile

Our staff includes professionals specializing in neuromuscular
and musculoskeletal health the full spectrum of comprehensive injury
treatment and rehabilitation using non-invasive method is offered at
" The Back & Neck clinic ".

All types of acute injuries are treated at the clinic.
Whiplash ( because of rapid deceleration or accelerator) to the neck and mid to
lower back region is the most common injury seen. Many patients have been
injured as the result of sports, occupational incidents or automobile accidents,
bending, lifting, twisting even walking, become difficult, painful

Chronic back pain due to abnormal posture of seating habits in office,
traveling on bumpy roads have also made our younger generations to
suffer. Herniated discs, bulging discs, sciatica make them ill and
disturb their daily routine. A complete solution for these problems
has arrived through " DRX9000 "( FDA Approved Spinal Decompression Machine ).